A block of mass 1 kg is placed on a rough horizontal surface of a car

Mar 06, 2009 · A 2.5-kg block, sliding on a rough surface, has a speed of 1.2 m/s when it makes contact with a spring. The block comes to a momentary halt when the compression of the spring is 5.0 cm. The work done by the friction, from the instant the block makes contact with the spring until is comes to a momentary halt, is -0.50 J. The spring constant is closest to: 3) ______ A) 940 N/m B) 840 N/m C) 990 ... 25. Two guys hold opposite ends of a 4m long board of mass 20 kg, with a center of mass 2m from the ends. a) Draw a free-body diagram for the board. b) If "Lefty" can lift no more than 40 kg, and Dexter can lift only 60 kg, how far from "Lefty" should one place an 80 kg mass on the board so that both workers can lift it? 26.

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Two people, one of mass 100 kg and the other of mass 50 kg, stand facing each other on an ice-covered (essentially frictionless) pond. If the heavier person pushes on the lighter one with a force F, then A. the force felt by the heavier person is – F B. the force felt by the heavier person is –2F

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A small block of mass MB = 0.50 kg is placed on a long slab of mass MS = 3.0 kg as shown above. Initially, the slab is at rest and the block has a speed vo of 4.0 m/s to the right. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the slab is 0.20, and there is no friction between the slab and the horizontal surface on which it moves. 7. speed of the 6.00-kg mass at the instant when it has fallen 1.50 m? Assume that the pulley is massless and frictionless. A) 4.37 m/s B) 3.54 m/s C) 6.00 m/s D) 5.05 m/s E) 5.42 m/s Q6. A block is pushed on a rough horizontal surface by a 12-N force acting parallel to the surface.

Q.26:- A 1 kg block situated on a rough incline is connected to a spring of spring constant 100 N m –1 as shown in Fig. 6.17. The block is released from rest with the spring in the unstretched position. The block moves 10 cm down the incline before coming to rest. Find the coefficient of friction between the block and the incline. Assume that the spring has a negligible mass and the pulley is frictionless. An object of mass 10 kg is released at point A, slides to the bottom of the 30 ° 30° incline, then collides with a horizontal massless spring, compressing it a maximum distance of 0.75 m. (See below.) The spring constant is 500 M/m, the height of the incline is 2.0 m, and the horizontal surface is frictionless.

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